Here's What to Expect

At Kingdom Builders we want you to come as you are. Our services are for you, and are focused on Jesus, not on what you’re wearing. Dress however you are comfortable.



We respect your time.

We appreciate our guests, members, and volunteers by starting and ending on time.


Come As You Are

It doesn't matter what you wear.

"Church clothes" are whatever you want them to be. Our services are focused on Jesus.


Coffee & Pastries

At 9 AM Service.

Coffee and pastries are in the lobby. Step into the sanctuary to be fed spiritually.

Join Us

Here's our weekly schedule of events. We would love for you to join us on these days. Simply check out the schedule and show up!


View the Full Calendar Here


Bible Study | 7:00 PM


Food Distribution | 11:00 AM


9:00 AM | 5:30 PM

Our Mission 

Love people where they are & encourage them to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Bringing people that are far from God close to him.

Our Values


Jesus was the greatest servant and our greatest example of service. From the least to the greatest, we are all called to serve one another. It is a privilege and honor that we get to serve.

Connecting with people of like passions and interests, creates relationships and propels the work of God. We encourage everyone to make connections with others though one of the many ministries committed to service.

We share the hope and message of Jesus and not a denomination or doctrine. We are committed to reaching those in search for a relationship with God and understand that the message is sacred and not the methods of reaching them.

We all have been given a gift to be used in the Kingdom of God. We give in three ways: we give our time, we give our talent and we give of our treasure. God has given richly towards us, it's our honor to give back to Him.

God is the only judge, so Kingdom Builders is committed to loving and not judging. We all are sinners and are just grateful for our salvation.

Everything we do, we do with passion and purpose. Passionate about Jesus and Purposeful about our worship. Our worship is passionate and Spirit energized. Our passion is for Jesus, His people and His Church.