God is Calling


Est. Her Women’s Ministry is a group of women encouraging others to step into the calling God has on their life. Like Esther, each of us have been called to the Kingdom for a specific time, place and purpose.

Why? Because God knew we could handle it!

Ageless. Fearless. Limitless. A sisterhood of strength for every season!


Est. Her exists to connect you to God and an amazing community of diverse women.


Est. Her’s goal is to provide you with tools and resources to help you ignite your passions, deepen your faith in Jesus, and lead a purpose-driven life.


Est. Her fuels opportunities to express your gifts for ministry and empowers you to live boldly by affecting the world around you.

Are You In?


Yay! We can’t wait to meet you. Send us an email at esther@kingdombuilderscf.org to get involved.